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Displaying 25 reports starting with Tuesday 6/6/23
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Monday 4/17/23: A report from FCvJMmTD of OYswyjZpFtEVW

Wednesday 10/19/22: A report from Scott Troy, Scotty Troy of First Mates
On Sunday afternoon we went out of debs in the looks of bass and found bunker pods getting worked 3 miles west of debs in 30 feet of water. We ended up landing 15 stripers, most of them on a popper, some on live bunker.

Monday 10/17/22: A report from Joe Tancredi of Cristy's Chaos
Set up Friday night at the Rockaway Bridge with my brother in law. Clam chum and clam bait used to net one keeper bass. Beautiful night but slow fishing. Joe Tancredi

Sunday 10/16/22: A report from Capt Matt Roth of BEAST
Capt Matt, Chris (the portside punisher), and Matt Diamond, hit rockaway reef Saturday for opening day blackfish. The Blackifsh bite was not great but in additon to a handful of keeper tog the crew also caught these 2 jumbo Black drum - estimated at 70-80lbs. Both Drum were safely released boat side. The crew then set up on bunker schools for 4 bass in the 35lb-45lb range on live bunker. A great day to be out on the water.

Monday 9/5/22: A report from of

Saturday 8/27/22: A report from Jim Mooney of Miss Bev
8-26-22 10:00 am fished outgoing tide south side of Reynolds Channel between schoolhouse and church. caught 12 small Seabass on spearing and squid. All released. two short fluke also released. No dinner but had fun.

Saturday 8/13/22: A report from of
Back bays fishing is tuff. Bait fish everywhere. Large Canadian Spearing gets the big ones!

Friday 8/12/22: A report from Frank Marciari of 'Back Bays'
fishing on the outgoing tide, the fishing was tough in the back bays but managed to boat a nice 18 1/2” Fluke using large canadian spearing. Large Canadian Spearing gets the big ones Frank said!

Sunday 7/31/22: A report from John Gwinner of
Fishing the AB Reef in 63ft of water, John caught a 8.40lb, 28in fluke! He used live killies and a 4oz green bucktail to catch the fish, and was drifting when he caught the fish.

Saturday 7/30/22: A report from Jerry Gimmi of Abella
Jerry Gimmi caught a 8.15lb Fluke taken in Debs Inlet on 3/4oz Blue Bucktail with a Gulp Nuclear Chicken Grub - Way to break in that new Centaur Combat Arms rod !!!!

Thursday 7/28/22: A report from Connor, Danny Ambrosio & Jon Gladstone of 'Paddy Waggin'
7/28/22 Connor & Danny Ambrosio & Jon Gladstone on the 'Paddy Waggin' - Conner was the angler of 8.1lb Fluke taken in Debs Inlet on a White Spro Bucktail with Pink Shine Grub.

Wednesday 7/27/22: A report from john mike mike anthony of 9 is fine
caught 35 fluke 2 nice keepers 19" & 20" at the Cedarhurst yacht club great day & great bait thanks mark & crew at Bay Park Fishing

Tuesday 7/26/22: A report from Mike Canepa of Christina
Fishing Reynolds channel in 15ft of water, Mike Canepa caught a 6.75lb fluke! He used a white bucktail paired with a pink/white gulp.

Saturday 7/23/22: A report from Anthony Savino & Dave Hertzing of Double Up
Fishing the AB Reef, Anthony & Dave caught cobia's that weighed 60lbs and 46lbs! They caught the fish on bunker snags.

Saturday 7/23/22: A report from Don Harris of
Hey, its A great time to take the kids and go shark fishing. The small browns and duskys are in the bunker pods. Use light spinning and go have a lot of fun. Teach them responsible use of circle hooks and how to release them with the least amount of trauma. MarK can show you how it’s done. Just ask and go fishing!!!!!

Saturday 7/16/22: A report from of Capt. Ian Glennen
Two monster Cobia just came in taken by Capt Ian Glennen & Ronnie Rusnak - 70lb & 65lb caught on the Bunker Schools

Saturday 7/16/22: A report from Capt. Frank S of Krabby Pattie II
Eileen B, along with Frank S nailed a nearly 7-lb Stargazer in Debs by Silver Point w/4" Gulp mullet on the outgoing tide. Atta Girl, #1...

Saturday 7/9/22: A report from Capt Frank Marciari of Back Bays
- caught a 22” fluke on a cut squid Canadian spearing combo purchased at Bay Park Fishing!

Friday 7/1/22: A report from Frank S of Krabby Pattie 2.0
WOW after culling through many many short Fluke we finally managed a keeper for Eileen B & even some for me over the past few weeks. 4" Gulp Pearl White swim Mullets on Spro Bucktails getting it done fishing Reynolds and Debs Inlet in between the relentless wind !!!

Saturday 6/25/22: A report from The Owens Crew of Fighting Irish
BAY PARK FISHING CUSTOMER WINS SHARK TOURNAMENT 6/25/25 Team 'Fighting Irish' Won the Hooks for Hero’s Point Lookout Shark Tournament with a 418lb Thresher !! Fishing 12 miles South of Jones Inlet with: Capt Kenny Owens - who was the angler for the 40 minute battle Crew: Jessie DiBendetto, Leon Sanchez, Mike Riomao, Brayden Owens, Shea Owens, Cole Owens & Oliver Owens, rounded out the crew. They moved multiple times & Hooked up at 3:37pm, 4/18 was also brother Kevins birthday - a great tribute to remember him! Kevin was definitely there to help Team Fighting Irish !!! Kenny bought all his rigs, bait & fuel from Bay Park Fishing Station along with his Brand new Bay Park Custom Stand Up rod that caught the winning fish !!! Want to Thank John & Joe from TROPHY TACKLE who supplied the winning reel a Red Avet 80W Make sure you get the gear that wins from Bay Park Fishing Station, Trophy Tackle & Buoy 4 Apparel

Tuesday 6/14/22: A report from Capt. Nick Savene, Joe Cordera, Chris Anastos, James Pollifrone of No Time
Capt. Nick Savene of the charter boat "No Time" put today's charter on a 435lb Thresher! It was caught on a Bay Park fresh bunker! Call Nick at (516)662-6519 and book your shark trip now!

Sunday 6/12/22: A report from Jim Mooney of Miss Bev
Outgoing tide Saturday 6-11-22 diving birds in debs, Atlantic Beach side of inlet. Caught 5 cocktail Bluefish on red and white chugg bug top plug. Lots of action for an hour.

Saturday 6/11/22: A report from Doug & DJ Toback, Christian, Frankie of Corazon
Doug, DJ, Christian, & Frankie caught a 350lb Thresher! It was caught on Bay Park bunker chum and Bay Park fresh bunker! They were fishing in-shore, south of the reef.

Saturday 6/11/22: A report from Anthony Savino & Tim O'Connor of Double Up
Anthony and Tim caught a 310lb Thresher!!! It took a Bay Park fresh bunker. They were fishing near Bunker Pods in 75Ft of water. They battled the Thresher for an hour.

Saturday 6/11/22: A report from Capt. Nick Savene, Bobby, Steve, Harrison, Sam, Austin, & Allen of No Time
Capt. Nick Savene of the charter boat "No Time" (516)662-6519 put today's charter on a 317lb Thresher! It was caught on a Bay Park fresh bunker! Call Nick and book your shark trip now!

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