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Displaying 25 reports starting with Monday 10/26/20
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Sunday 10/25/20: A report from Ken & Jordana Barish of
- fishing in around 82' of water outside Deb's Inlet, they were trolling & Ken caught this nice 39" bass on a TGT Green/White bunker spoon. (Released) Jordana said it was a 'rolling' day out on the ocean.

Thursday 10/22/20: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Trolled Wed in dense fog and boated 2 bass with one probably close to 50 lbs. All released and then had 100 plus blackfish with only one keeper on west reef. Great action and feeling good about what we are all doing with these trophy bass.Its money in the bank.

Thursday 10/22/20: A report from Chris Lamastro, Leon, Joe, Roy & John of 'Michael J'
- fished on an overnighter & had an awesome trip @ the Hudson Canyon, they had 3 Bigeye Tuna with the largest weighing in at 240lb & a nice Swordfish. The big one took a bait at night & the other 2 where trolled. Nice!

Thursday 10/22/20: A report from Capt. Nick Savene & charter of 'No Time Charters'
- had a nice 224lb Thresher caught on a Mojo fishng south of Deb's Inlet

Tuesday 10/20/20: A report from Tim & Mike of 'Margarita'
- had a great day out trolling for shark, had a 228 lb Thresher caught on a Yellow + White TGT Bunker Spoon. Nice one guys!

Sunday 10/18/20: A report from Capt. Junior, son Alex & Jeff of Fish Tracker
Team Fish Tracker had a great day out & had a 198lb Thresher caught on a Neon Yellow Spoonfed Bunkerspoon Trolling in 50ft of water South West of Debs Inlet.

Sunday 10/18/20: A report from Lloyd Malsin and crew of Nansea
Fished local reefs Wednesday and Saturday catching a hundred blackfish each trip w great action on jigs and green crabs released a jumbo weighing over 10 on our boat scale

Sunday 10/4/20: A report from Rico,Anthony and Joe of GOLDFISH
Trolling the ab bridge are we landed 3 keeper bass.28,29,31 in all in a quick 30 minutes !!! Great start to the bass run !!

Wednesday 9/23/20: A report from Capt Ian and Ronnie and Faith of Megabyte
Fished the AB Bridge on the 20th and Faith caught her first Striped Bass! Thank you Capt Ian.

Sunday 9/20/20: A report from Striped Bass Seminar of Freeport Tuna Club
Get ready for the fall Striper Run Great learning opportunity !!! Striped Bass Tactics for the Debs and Jones area w Capt. Doug Toback Tuesday September 22 @7PM Freeport Tuna Club 275 Hudson Ave Freeport RSVP text/call to Bruce @ (516) 443-4680 $10 includes Pizza, Beer and drinks

Friday 9/18/20: A report from Bull of Sea Bull Too
Large leatherback sea turtle, off Jones Beach - go to Photos page to see.

Friday 9/11/20: A report from Lloyd Malsin & crew of 'Nansea'
- fished Wednesday & had an awesome day jigging many species of fish, including King Mackeral, Spanish Mackerel, Bonito & False Albacore. Then they moved onto the Cholera Banks & had 8 keeper fluke. Great day out for the boys!!

Monday 9/7/20: A report from Mike Librizzi of 'Blue Breeze'
9/7 Mike Librizzi of "Blue Breeze" with a 30" 9.2lb fluke caught and released at the AB reef. The fish took a Tsunami glass minnow silicone skirt teaser tipped with a 5" salmon red gulp grub. (see pic on Photo page)

Monday 9/7/20: A report from Michael Librizzi of Blue Breeze’
fishing the AB reef my son Michael, we caught and released a 9.2 lb fluke jigging bucktails with BP 5” grubs.

Saturday 8/22/20: A report from Peter Arapas of Ellen Marie
Fishing in the AB reef in 55ft of water, Peter caught a 5lb fluke! He used Bay Park spearing and cut squid, paired with a KO pearl white rig to catch the fish.

Saturday 8/22/20: A report from Capt Matt Roth of BEAST
Sorry for the late report....On July 30th Capt Matt Roth and his father Richard Roth (photo) limited out++ with fish to 7.1lbs on AB reef using bay park spearing and bunker strips. Congrats to Richard for this beautiful fluke!

Friday 8/21/20: A report from F-N -AL of Fatal Attraction
6 miles south out of Deb’s 70 feet of water using Bay Park Canadian spearing 3.95 pound fluke caught by Diana Tramutra!! Of Babylion

Thursday 8/20/20: A report from Frank Forster & crew of Baby 6
had 6 nice fluke keepers fishing by the Cholera & his secret spot.....using spearing, cut squid with Spro Bucktails.

Saturday 8/15/20: A report from MARK of BAY PARK FISHING

Saturday 8/15/20: A report from Capt Herman, Carlos and Wa of The Reel Limshady
Went out to AB Friday AM and slammed the Seabass. Limited out within 2 hours throwing back 15”and 16”. Picked up a few porgies and a mackerel as well. There was an abundance of puffer fish as well. Bay Park salted clams had the magic. Nothing happening in the bay, few shorts and back at docks by 11:30am

Thursday 7/30/20: A report from Capt. Pete (526 fishing club) of Capt Pete Freeport
Saturday 7-25-2020 fished on the Capt. Pete out of Freeport 7:00 am. Fished the McCalister had a great run of fluke between 9-11 am. I caught 30 fish alone unfortunately no keepers. The boat did net over 15 keeper fluke with Bob D. High Hook with three keepers. The Bay Park Pink gulps produced the best. I guess the fluke see in colors? Great day had by all, counted 49 boats on this wreck at the time. Great to get out on the bay.

Friday 7/24/20: A report from Captain Cliff Candiotti, First mate Dave Bloom, and Young Jack of Lucky Catch
It is with a heavy heart that I report about the passing of my brother, Fred Candiotti this week. A lifelong fisherman, mate, cousin and uncle, and friend to the Lucky Catch crew, Fred passed suddenly while doing what he loves. He will be deeply missed and never forgotten. Calm seas and tight lines Fred.

Thursday 7/23/20: A report from Billy, Alan, Rob, Keith, Nick of Katelyn Marie
Fished 50+ miles SE of Jones and was rewarded with a fat 60" bluefin!

Tuesday 7/21/20: A report from Jimmy Hughes of Betsie
Fishing by the Lindell school in 17 feet of water, Jimmy caught an 8.25lb fluke! He used Bay Park spearing to catch the fish.

Monday 7/20/20: A report from Capt. Herman, Ray, Meryl and Carlos of The Reel Limshady
Went out 7/19 AM to AB and caught a mix bag of keeper Seabass, porgies and a 22” fluke. BP salted clams, spearing and squid did the trick. Gulp salmon and chartreuse was the hot color ??

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