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Displaying 25 reports starting with Friday 9/20/19
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Thursday 9/19/19: A report from Capt Nick Savene of No-Time
Took a day off from the Nansea to fish with capt Nick and we caught striped bass and porgies and seabass till we were too tired to fish. Nick has always come through and catching the bass on live bait was a thrill as no other local boat has a clue. Book a trip and get a lesson with a great charter. Always worth the price!

Monday 9/16/19: A report from Lloyd Malsin. Paul Seiden. Dominic Luisi and George of Nansea
Terrific fishing drifting clams with constant action. Triggers jumbo porgies seabass. Ling fluke and even a flounder. A dozen blowfish as well. Great seas

Sunday 9/15/19: A report from Mike Mizvesky of Vienna
Fishing the AB Reef, Mike Mizvesky of "Vienna" concluded his bottom fishing run with a 6.10 lb Fluke using Salmon Grub Gulps!

Saturday 9/14/19: A report from Tim Lepkowski of Krissy Waters
Fishing in Reynolds Channel by the Lindell School, Tim Lepkowski landed a 8.35 lb Fluke! Tim caught the Fluke using a Pink and White Bucktail doubled with 6 in Pink Shine Grub Gulps.

Sunday 9/8/19: A report from Tom and Jay of Never Say Never
Fishing the AB Reef, Tom and Jay of "Never Say Never" landed a 7.30 lb Fluke off of clams!

Saturday 9/7/19: A report from Roy and Bradley of Whiskey Chaser
Roy and Bradley fishing aboard Roy's boat Whiskey Chaser,on Tuesday Sep 3rd had fluke up to 7lbs.The duo where using BP spearing and gulp on the North Western corner of the AB reef.Roy stated that 5oz Spros with Nuclear chicken did the trick.

Saturday 9/7/19: A report from Kris Mott of Uncle Eddy
Fishing near the AB Bridge in 25ft of water, Kris Mott caught a 10.75lb Sheep's Head! Kris caught the fish using blackfish jigs and Asian crabs!

Wednesday 9/4/19: A report from Steve Sanders of Nansea II
Fishing the AB Reef aboard the "Nansea II", Steve Sanders landed a 9.50 lb doormat Fluke! Steve caught the Fluke using Bay Park spearing and squid.

Sunday 9/1/19: A report from Tom McKelbey of One More Cast
Fishing aboard the "One More Cast", Tom McKelbey, Sue Bertolline, and John McMurray concluded their day with 4 keeper Dolphin! With Sues leading in size at 19 lbs and 44 in in length, Tom's just trailed at 17.25 lbs and 41 in in length.

Thursday 8/29/19: A report from Will Keller of Huntress
Fishing the AB Reef, father and son Glenn Keller and Will Keller (along with Pat and Bob) of the "Huntress" landed over 8 recreational keeper Fluke! With the largest being 5.50 lbs, the guys caught an additional 30-40 Fluke using spearing as bait.

Sunday 8/25/19: A report from Paul of Toybox
Fishing the AB Reef, the "Toybox" crew (Paul, Landon, Eli, Yaniv) concluded their morning run with over 50 porgies! Additionally, the guys hauled in a 2.5 lb Sea Bass, 2 Bluefish, 4 Mackerel and a few dozen throwback Fluke. The guys caught all the fish using spearing and salted clams.

Wednesday 8/21/19: A report from Lloyd Alan Paul Larry Pete George of Nansea II
Fished in dense fog giving way to south wind with 8 keepers caught and 3 seabass. Great action until wind went 20-25

Monday 8/19/19: A report from Mike Redmond of Lil' Mist III
Fishing the tankers in about 73 ft of water, the Lil' Mist III crew (Mike Redmond and Mike Cotter) concluded their bottom fishing run with a 6.5 lb and 3.5 lb Fluke! With an additional 30 throwbacks, the guys caught the fish using 5 in Nuclear Chicken Grub Gulps and 5 in Salmon Grub Gulps. Nice job, fellas!

Monday 8/19/19: A report from Pete Brancaleone of Fish On
Fishing a wreck 9 miles South of Jones, the "FISH ON" crew (Pete Brancaleone, Dino Esposito, Dino Esposito Jr., Anthony Tanga) concluded their run with a 250 lb Thresher shark! Using special brew bunker chum and fresh bunker, Dino Jr. had a hot line at about noon. After an hour and a half fight, the guys were finally able to lug the 6+ ft shark to the boat.... Special thanks to Nick Savene of No Time Charters for the intel!

Sunday 8/18/19: A report from Adam Romanek, Craig Romanek & Briahn Manna of 'Jersey Girl'
Fished the Coimbra wreck, & landed a nice 61.70 lb Bluefin Tuna! The guys landed the tuna off of a grey RonZ lure.

Sunday 8/18/19: A report from Adam Romanek of Jersey Girl
Fishing the Coimbra wreck, the "Jersey Girl" crew (Adam Romanek, Craig Romanek, and Brian Manna) landed a 61.70 lb Bluefin Tuna! The guys landed the tuna off of a grey RonZ lure.

Sunday 8/18/19: A report from Capt Lloyd. Alan Berman. Paul Seiden and George Phillipou of Nansea II
Fished Saturday on AB reef and caught 7 keeper fluke with 2 over 6 lbs. beautiful drifting with spearing and squid combo producing best.

Wednesday 8/14/19: A report from Owen Carr of Nansea II
Fishing the AB Reef aboard the "Nansea II", Owen Carr landed a 4.80 Fluke (using spearing)! Nice job, Owen!

Monday 8/12/19: A report from Phil Usinger of Money Pit
Fishing south of the Rockaway Reef, Phil caught a 6.55lb fluke! Fishing in 43ft of water, he used cut squid and Bay Park spearing to catch the fish.

Sunday 8/11/19: A report from Breezy of 'Blue Breeze'
fished the Coloria Banks using bucktails tipped with 5" grub, landed 3 nice fluke up to 3.5 lbs along with two seabass.

Thursday 8/8/19: A report from Sean Barry & Mike Redmond of Lil' Mist III
Fishing in the McAllister wreck, Sean Barry and Mike Redmond caught 20+ fluke, with the two biggest weighing 2.50lbs and 2.80lbs! At a depth of 60+ ft, they used a peanut bunker/cut squid and KO single hook pearl mylar combo to catch the fish.

Wednesday 8/7/19: A report from Caiden and Jamie of 'Lizzie D'
Caiden has a nice 3lb fluke using Bay Park spearing today! Great job Caiden!

Sunday 8/4/19: A report from Gary of Git Err Done
Fishing the AB Reef, Gary of the "Git Err Done" concluded his morning run with two keeper Fluke! With the larger Fluke weighing in at 3.85 lb, Gary caught the fish using Peanut Bunker.

Sunday 8/4/19: A report from Nick Savene of No Time
Fishing aboard Capt. Nick Savene's "No Time", the Owens boys caught a 8.10 lb Fluke! All in all, the boys caught 5 keeper Fluke while at the McAllister grounds using Bucktails and 6 in artificial grubs.

Saturday 8/3/19: A report from Gary McEntee, Cayleigh & Brian of 'Off the Sauce'
fished by the Atlantic Princess are in 180' of water, jigging 12oz Gold Stingo jigs and had nice 93lb Bluefin Tuna ! Nice !

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