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Displaying 25 reports starting with Monday 5/25/20
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Monday 5/25/20: A report from Chris McGee & Family of George
Chris McGee & Family on their boat "George" Called in they had a great day Fluke Fishing in Broad Channel by the Lindell School using Local Spearing & 1 hook Ko Fluke killer rigs with Spro Bucktails

Monday 5/25/20: A report from Capt.Jim, Miss Bev Bay Park of "Miss Bev" from Bay Park
5/24/2020 outgoing tide fished west of the LIRR train bridge in Reynolds Channel. Caught 4 short throwback flukes and (1) 20" fluke, three bluefish one to 8 pounds , 1 large skate. Used white gulp topped with a fresh spearing from BP Fishing Station. Great day.

Saturday 5/16/20: A report from Dowling boys of Lizzie D
After a long fight Caiden landed a 3 Lb fluke Friday! He used cut squid and spearing.

Friday 5/15/20: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea
Caught 17 flounders on incoming tide along w short stripers blowfish and couple of monster porgies. Then switched to the Ling grounds catching 40 or so. Released many fish

Tuesday 5/12/20: A report from Bob & Team of 'Safari'
Safari had a great morning fishing in Raritan Bay Trolling Plugs. They said fishing was awesome, Yellow or White where most effective colors today. GREAT 1ST FISHING REPORT POST OF 2020

Monday 12/2/19: A report from Capt. Billy Straub & Joe Fanora of Charter Boat 'Norma'
- while fishing aboard the charter boat “NORMA” Joe Fanora caught this 12.15 lb blackfish, the fish was caught on a Bay Park Fishing station green crab at the Atlantic Beach Reef.

Saturday 11/23/19: A report from Anthony Proto of The Beast
Fishing in the highlands reef, Anthony caught a 10.5lb blackfish! In 47ft of water, he used white crabs paired with KO Blackfish rigs to catch the fish.

Friday 11/15/19: A report from Weekend Hours of
Due to the weather forecast we are opening at 7:00am this weekend.

Sunday 11/10/19: A report from Lloyd Malsin and Crew of Nansea
Fished Saturday in light winds catching dozens of blackfish with 13 keepers. Incoming tide was best. Ganets everywhere!

Sunday 11/10/19: A report from Dan, Mark,Marvin & Jeff of Navy Diver
The crew fished 52ft of water due South of Debs Inlet today & had seven Striped Bass to 40" Chartreuse Mojos did the trick

Saturday 11/9/19: A report from Vincent Guadino of It's About Time
Vincent caught a 15 lb and 30.70 lb striper in 60 ft of water out of Debs inlet, using green and white TGT spoons.

Saturday 11/9/19: A report from Frank Forster of Baby 6
Frank of the Baby 6 fished in 50 ft of water south of debs inlet and had good striper action, using diamond jigs.

Friday 11/8/19: A report from Tatiana Ochoa of
Fishing at Jones Beach, Tatiana Ochoa of Bay Park Fishing caught a nice striped bass! She used a A17 Diamond Jig with a Green Tail.

Wednesday 11/6/19: A report from Captain Cliff with Upstate Fred, Tractor Bob, Brooke and Robin of Lucky Catch
Trolled East out of Debs Inlet in 55 feet of water. After 30 minutes with no bites on the Mojo rigs, out went the green & white TGT and green Reliable spoons. Soon had 3 nice bass to 36.4 pounds and dropped another big one close to boat. Was great for these upstate Hudson River striper anglers to experience our South Shore bass fishing.

Sunday 11/3/19: A report from Joey & Richie Leggio of Frankie James
Fishing in the AB Reef, Joey and Richie caught 3 blackfish weighing 9.75lbs, 10.25lbs, and 10.35lbs! In 65ft of water, they used Magic Tail blackfish jigs with green crabs to catch the fish.

Saturday 11/2/19: A report from Joey Leggio & crew of Wild Flower
Fishing in the AB Reef, Joey Leggio and crew caught two bass weighing 20.9lbs and 36.5lbs! In 55ft of water, they used green Tony Maja bunker spoons to catch the fish.

Saturday 11/2/19: A report from Capt. Frank Forster, Lou & Mike of 'Baby 6'
trolling white Mojos in around 50' of water south of Deb's with Frank the high hook with a 44.25lb striper! Nice.

Saturday 11/2/19: A report from Chris of 'Budda'
was fishing in 55ft of water straight south of Debs inlet trolling Green Mojo 10x6 tandem. Nice 27.3lb keeper.

Wednesday 10/30/19: A report from Robert, Shane & Baksh of 'Safari'
caught 3 nice keeper stripers up to 39 lb on bunker spoons by the Church in 50ft of water.

Tuesday 10/29/19: A report from Capt. Tim Yaganois, Angler Cory Green & Ralston Wynter of 'Team Margarita'
*****MONSTER JUST ARRIVED AT BAY PARK FISHING******* 10/29 'Team Margarita' 58.10 lb Striper, caught on a 10x6 White Mojo, South of Debs Inlet. Capt Tim Yaganois, Angler Cory Green and Ralston Wynter.

Monday 10/28/19: A report from Ed Coysh of 'Lunch Box'
was jigging a 007 Diamond Jig off of Atlantic Beach in 55'of water and had a nice size keeper striper weighing in at 38.9 lb.

Saturday 10/26/19: A report from Junior & Alex of Fish Tracker
Fishing west of Debs Inlet and south of the Rockaway Reef, Junior & Alex caught two bass weighing 34.80lbs and 13.50lbs! In 55ft of water, they used green & white TGT bunker spoons to catch the fish!

Saturday 10/26/19: A report from Kevin & Logan Manning of Lady Maureen
Fishing East of Debs Inlet, Logan Manning out-fished the entire crew and caught a 22lb bass! In 55ft of water, he used a green and white TGT bunker spoon to catch the fish. Nice catch Logan!

Saturday 10/26/19: A report from Chuck & Peter of 'Merri's Catch'
were out early trolling in front of the Church in around 55' of water using White BlueWater Candy Mojos and White Bunker Spoons, had a double hit of stripers weighing in at 24.5lb and a great 46.8 lb. Nice!!!

Friday 10/25/19: A report from Kevin of 'All Hands'
trolled white bunker spoons in around 45' of water outside Deb's for a nice keeper striper weighing in at 33lbs.

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