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Displaying 25 reports starting with Monday 10/22/18
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Saturday 10/20/18: A report from Capt . Nick savene of No time
Had a great split charter tog trip the other day for the three johns, Chris malaka and Ron . They produced a boat limit of 28 tog mostly in the 3 to 6 lb range with countless shorts released. Many were caught on the jigs and lite spin gear. Next up was James and crew . In nautical conditions the boys boated 4 big bass in the 23 to 32 lb range. Nice work guys!

Monday 10/15/18: A report from Anthony, Jeannetti, Mlke & Anthony of '0 ls fine'
- caught over 100 fish kept 12 4 seabass, 8 large porgies on a flat sea, great day!

Sunday 10/14/18: A report from Nick Savene of No Time Charters
Fishing between the Yankee and Linda wrecks, Jake Gurian and Jake Raff of the "No Time" landed a 220 lb Mako! The Mako was caught using a live mackerel. Nice catch guys!

Sunday 10/14/18: A report from Frank Forster of Baby 6
Trolling white spoons South of the inlet, the "Baby 6" crew landed a 36.4 lb Striped Bass! The bass was angled in approximately 55 ft of water.

Sunday 10/14/18: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea
Ran 30 miles southeast in beautiful seas and caught and released 2 makos one around 100 lbs before hooking up with big fish. 2&1/2 hours on rod in seas that quickly became 6 ft and tight. Released a 400 plus blue that beat 4 anglers We jigged fresh Albies and Bonita for best bait. Great crew and linework by George Philipou

Thursday 10/11/18: A report from Capn - Mike of Rosario
Columbus Day .Fished the N/E side of the AB bridge using clams bought from BPFS. Outgoing tide, had a good morning caught and released 4 striped bass 19" to 21" .

Monday 10/8/18: A report from Capt. Jim Miss Bev East Rockaway of Miss Bev
Fished the first of the incoming tide on Friday 10-5-18 12:00 pm. N/E side of AB bridge. Caught 7 dog fished and released one 21" Striped Bass. Water is still warm. Won't be long now...

Friday 10/5/18: A report from Mike Redmond, Jim Sarnataro,Mike Gangarossa of Capt Ron at Montauk
Fished on Thursday out at Montauk on the Captain Ron. 21 Bass caught up to 42 LBS, several large Blues, with a mix of Sea Bass & Big Porgies. Unbelievable non stop action all day. Captain Ron is a true professional with many years of experience. If you want to have a great day fishing out in Montauk or off Key West give him a call on 516-835-4910

Sunday 9/30/18: A report from Mike & John of Reel Inn
Picked up a 1/4 bushel of clams from Bay Park and headed out to the bottom fishing grounds off the Rockaway Reef today. Fished a few hours on the hook and had many scup releasing some keepers retaining only fish above 10 inches for the table. We had a few small seabass and I grabbed a 17" keeper also, but the show stealers were the couple of nice trigger fish we had to around 4 lbs! We ran out of bait and headed in happy! Nice day with my son & finally had some decent weather!

Sunday 9/30/18: A report from Jim Mooney of Miss Bev
9-29-18 - 11:00am fished the first of the outgoing tide on the north east side of the Atlantic Beach Bridge. Anchored and chummed. Used clams and had a few small tugs on the line. Managed to Catch one small bass and released same. I should have been here Thursday.

Thursday 9/27/18: A report from LLOYD MALSIN of Nansea II
With weather so crappy we set up in our inlet Wednesday and chummed up about 50 or so schoolie bass - releasing all. We also had a dozen bluefish and some seabass that were released as well. All on the tide and done within 90 minutes. Tide was the criteria !

Monday 9/24/18: A report from Ray, Herman, Carlos of The Reel Limshady
Went to AB in the afternoon on Sat 9/22 and caught 9 keeper Seabass in 2.5 hours using Salted clams from BayPark bait shop. Plenty smalls around but no Porgies.

Sunday 9/16/18: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea
Went west of breezy and chummed up non stop porgy action with small blue fish as well as dozens of bar jacks ? Tried 3 drops for Fluke with only action in Ambrose channel. No keepers great to be out again

Thursday 9/6/18: A report from LLOYD MALSIN of Nansea II
Ran off 28 miles yesterday in most beautiful conditions and put out a 4 rod spread for shark. Had small mahi around the boat and had 3 bites landing and releasing an undersize mako.Many boats trolling around us had mahi and albies with some mahi over 30 lbs reported.Water temps still 78 degrees out there.Great crew and great times.

Monday 9/3/18: A report from Steve Howell, Anthony Guzzo and John Green of Total Chaos
Steve. Anthony and John went fishing in Cholera and caught 6 keeper Fluke from 20-24 inches! All fish were caught on Chartreuse Otter Tails and Nuclear Chicken Gulp.

Sunday 8/26/18: A report from Danny Levi of Sea Hose
Fishing the AB Reef, Danny Levi landed a 6.50 lb Fluke! The Fluke was angled in a depth of about 60 ft of water using 4in white swimming mullet Gulps.

Sunday 8/26/18: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Ran off Saturday to 20 mile wreck and loaded up with Ling and seabass all caught on clams. Drifting produced best sizes Great day

Saturday 8/25/18: A report from Capt. Rich, Henry, Eric of Silent Threat
Capt. Rich, Henry, and Eric all went out to the Rockaway Reef and caught a 2.90lb fluke and a 2.65lb triggerfish! They caught the fish using salted clams.

Thursday 8/23/18: A report from Scott Troy and Scotty of First Mates
Went out of Jones to bottom fish but ran into schools of Green Bonito attacking baitfish. Casted deadly dicks and managed to land 6. Bottom fished a bit caught a mixed bag of fluke, porgie and sea bass. Had a thresher shark runoff and jump behind the boat and snap the line. Thanks Mark with the help identifying the bonito.

Thursday 8/16/18: A report from LLOYD MALSIN of Nansea II
Fished wed in tough conditions with west wind honking against incoming tide making for some unsettled drifting but managed 2 jumbo keepers with 50 or more almosts.Canadian spearing and squid strips were the best.Nice size porgies as a by catch with 6 seabass kept all over 2 lbs.

Friday 8/10/18: A report from Michael & Marcin of Angler
Michael & Marcin of "Angler" went out this morning behind AB reef in about 60ft of water, and caught a 2.8lb Fluke using spearing and squid.

Thursday 8/9/18: A report from Capt. Nick Savene, Alex Shlom, Will & Kyle of No Time Charters
Fishing the AB Reef, Will and Kyle angled a 8.20lb Fluke! Along with 8 other keepers, they caught the doormat using Bay Park spearing and cut squid.

Wednesday 8/8/18: A report from Owen Carr of Nansea II
Fishing the AB reef aboard the Nansea II, Owen Carr angled 2 keeper fluke up to 4.65 lbs! Along with the fluke, Owen landed an additional Sea Bass as well. The fish were landed using spearing and squid. Great catches, Owen!

Wednesday 8/8/18: A report from Willy, Ronnie, Les of Two Lefties
Fishing the outgoing tide at the AB Reef, the "Two Lefties" crew landed 5 keeper fluke sizing up to 23 1/2 in. The guys angled the fluke using spearing and squid strips.

Monday 8/6/18: A report from Chris Lamastro & Crew of Michael J
Capt. Chris Lamastro and crew of “Michael J” had a nice trip out to the Hudson Canyon catching 7 Yellowfin up to 60lbs by chunking, 1 White Marlin trolling with a plug, and a 70lb Bigeye trolling with the new @chatterlures Side Tracker Bars!

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